PT06SE22-55S-LC - 

Kruhový Konektor, Ekvivalent MIL-C-26482 Série I, PT-SE Series, Přímá Zástrčka, 55 Kontaktů


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PT-SE Series
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Informace o produktu

Přímá Zástrčka
MIL-DTL-26482 Série I
Olivový Chromát přes Kadmium
Slitina Mědi
Tělo z Hliníkové Slitiny
PT-SE Series
Krimpovací Zásuvka - Kontakty Nejsou Přiloženy
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Přehled produktu

The PT06SE22-55S-LC from Amphenol is PT-SE series, MIL-DTL-26482 series I equivalent straight plug with 55 contacts. The PT-SE series miniature cylindrical connectors offer high density contact arrangements in a circular shell with salt spray exposure of 48hour, 500hour. These connectors have 5 key/keyway polarization with 3 point bayonet lock coupling for positive mating with no chance of cross plugging. Spring tension provided by a wave washer in the coupling nut ensures maintenance of interfacial seal between mating halves. Both the insert and main joint gasket are moulded from resilient neoprene insulator. These connectors are designed for harsh environments and have well-proven electrical capability to withstand extreme shock, exposure and vibration. The high reliability performance makes PT-SE series ideal for environmental sealing or pressurized applications.
  • Quick disconnect bayonet coupling for rapid mating and unmating
  • Intermateable, intermountable and interchangeable with all MIL-DTL-26482 connectors
  • 500 mating cycles
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to +125°C
  • Crimp rear insertable/front release contact termination
  • Insulation resistance of 5000Mohm at 25˚C
  • Aluminium alloy body material with olive drab chromate over cadmium plating
  • Copper alloy crimp socket contacts with gold plating


Průmyslový, Commercial