Zkušební Deska, Low-Side Spínací Shield s BTF3050TE pro Arduino

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Arduino Development Boards
Eval Board BTF3050TE
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The SHIELDBTF3050TETOBO1 is a low-side switch shield with BTF3050TE for Arduino. The low-side switch shield from Infineon consists out of three BTF3050TE low-side switches of the HITFET+ family providing three independent power channels that can be controlled via the input pins. The shield is compatible with microcontroller boards using the Arduino form factor for example the corresponding ARM powered XMC microcontroller kits from Infineon and supports fast and easy prototyping of applications with BTF3050TE. The BTF3050TE is a 50mohm high integrated single channel low-side switch and able to drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads with a nominal load current of 3 A. The power transistor itself is a built-in N-channel power MOSFET. The whole device is monolithically integrated. This means that the power MOSFET, the driver and protection blocks are integrated in one package. BTF3050TE is qualified and optimized for 12 V automotive and industrial applications.
  • Arduino Uno R3, XMC1100 boot kit connected to shield can control 3 low side switches via IO pins
  • VIN is 3V to 5.5V, nominal VBAT is 8V to 18V, extended VBAT is 3V to 28V, load current is 3A
  • Over temperature shutdown with auto-restart
  • Active clamp over voltage protection of the output (minimum 40V)
  • Enhanced short circuit protection
  • Capable of PWM up to14KHz (at 10% duty cycle)
  • Driver circuit with logic level inputs
  • Smart low-side switch provides diagnosis and protection features
  • Communication with the environment via four LEDs, one DIP-switch and up to 6 push buttons
  • Easy handling of push buttons


Embedded Design & Vývoj, Automobilový, Průmyslový

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