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37 až 482°C Dvojkanálový Pájecí Systém s Technologií Intelliheat

PACE 8007-0518
PACE 8007-0518

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ST70 Power Supply, TD-100 Solder Iron, Hand-piece
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Přehled produktu

ST70 is a single channel system that is controlled by POWER MODULESTM and comes with the Thermo-Drive Soldering Iron (TD-100). The system can also be purchased as a power source only with any of 4 optional handpieces. The ST 70 is the easiest to operate. Simply select the performance level you desire, plug in the appropriate Power Module, and the system takes care of the rest! The ST 70 improves quality, reduces costs while protecting your process. The heavy-duty metal housing makes this system the ideal choice for the harshest environments and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. An optional mounting bracket (P/N 1321-0609-P1) is available to mount the system under a work-bench or shelf, preserving precious bench top space. The optional Instant-SetBack Cubby is available for the TD-100 Thermo-Drive Soldering Iron to extend tip life, especially beneficial when lead-free solders are used.
  • IntelliHeat control technology
  • Performance level lockout (if power module is removed the system is shut down.)
  • ESD grounding jack
  • ESD Safe metal housing
  • Stackable
  • Can be mounted under workbench or shelf with optional bracket 1321-0609-P1


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Supplied with 6.5, 7 and 7.5 Power Modules™, and includes TD-100 Universal Soldering Iron

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Tips not included

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