USB Type-C/PD AC-DC Solution

For intelligent AC-DC applications using the latest USB charging standards, On Semiconductor's FAN6390 secondary side controller with integrated synchronous rectifier controller meets all the requirements for compliant USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery designs.
Complementing the FAN6390 is company’s complete offering of primary side solutions for isolated AC-DC applications. The typical block diagram shown below exemplifies On Semiconductor’s leadership position for AC-DC solutions that require new levels of intelligence to provide the best charging experience for users having to keep multiple devices up and running throughout the day. The particular solution shown here will support up to 60 watts of output power supplied at VBUS of 20 V. The maximum output current of this design is 3 A and which can negotiate VBUS to either 5 V, 11 V or 15 V keeping with the standard voltage offerings defined in the USB Power Delivery standard. When a USB Power Delivery contract is not needed for charging, the FAN6390 configures the port to provide power as defined by the USB Type-C standard.
From communicating with the primary side by opto-coupler to integrating all the necessary control to implement the USB PD Policy Manager, the FAN6390 provides the AC-DC designer the necessary tools to make use of the latest USB charging standards.

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