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At Farnell, we provide an immersive and comprehensive learning experience for students interested in STEM subjects. We believe that investing in students can inspire a lifelong passion for learning and curiosity that extends well into their careers. Our resources are designed to help students explore and learn at their own pace, providing them with the foundation they need to succeed in STEM fields. By partnering with industry leaders, we ensure that our products and resources meet top-notch quality and durability. Our goal is to inspire the innovators, engineers, and scientists of tomorrow. Browse our range of resources today and see how we can help you or your students achieve their goals.

Educational featured products

Browse and shop with confidence with our handpicked selection of some of the best products. Regardless of your level of expertise, we have everything you need to get the task done accurately. So why wait? Discover the Farnell difference today by exploring our featured products!

Test and Measurement

DIGILENT 471-060

PC USB Oscilloscope

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Development board

DIGILENT 410-383-5EV

Development Board

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Single board computers



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Raspberry Pi


SBC, Raspberry Pi5 8GB

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Hand tools

KNIPEX 00 20 11

Pliers Kit

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Vice System, 300 Series

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Electronics prototyping


Prototyping Kit

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NI 788509-35

Test Software, LabVIEW+ Suite

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NI 787272-01

Software Defined Radio Device

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Featured suppliers

We believe that no one can learn without access to the right tools. Therefore, we have introduced our educational discount program that makes our test and tools products accessible to schools, universities, and nonprofit research centres. We have up to 30% off from standard list prices on selected leading Test & Tools manufacturers.

Test, Measurement and Tools Education & Research Program

Custom Kits and School Lab Set-ups

Multicomp Pro makes it easy to get the kit or lab you need. Contact a representative to discuss options for custom kits or education discounts.