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We offer a vast selection of inductors, chokes and coils suiting a wide variety of applications. Here is some information about the various types available.Inductors are passive electronic components that temporarily store energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through the inductor coil.

Types of inductors

Laminated Core Inductor: used for electric vehicle onboard chargers, line and noise filters, CH and CL filter chokesAir core inductors are used for constructing RF tuning coils, filter circuits, snubber circuits, and for high-frequency applications including TV and radio receivers.Ferrite core inductors can be used at high and medium frequencies, switching circuits, and Pi filters.Bobbin inductors small size makes them suitable for power adaptor applications in SMPS circuits, input and output filters, and Pi filters.Toroidal core inductors have a high magnetic field and high inductance value with fewer windings. With very low impedance, they offer high efficiency.They are used in medical devices, switching regulators, industrial controllers, and SMPS output filters.Shielded surface mount inductors These inductors are specially designed for PCB mounted applications, with shielding to reduce EMI and noise from the inductor and also for use in high-density designs.Wireless charging coils are built by coiling a multi-stranded wire and inserting it into a ferrite. The charging coils are used for wireless charging of information and communication devices, plus industrial, medical and other products.Multilayer chip inductors are built by printing a coil pattern onto thin ferrite plates. They are used in small wearable applications, wireless LANs, Bluetooth, SBCs and motherboards.

How does an inductor work?

When an electric current flows through a conductor such as copper wire, the current generates a small magnetic field around the wire. If the wire is wound into a coil, the magnetic field becomes much stronger. If the wire is coiled around a central core made of a material such as iron, the magnetic field grows stronger still.Energy is stored in the magnetic field as long as the current continues to run through the coil. When the current stops flowing, the magnetic field starts to collapse, and the magnetic energy is converted back into electrical energy, which continues to flow into the circuit until the magnetic field completely collapses.

In what applications are inductors used?

  1. Choking, blocking, attenuating, or filtering/smoothing high frequency noise in electrical circuits
  2. Storing and transferring energy in power converters (dc-dc or ac-dc)
  3. Creating tuned oscillators or LC (inductor / capacitor) "tank" circuits
  4. Impedance matching
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Bourns New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Shielded Power Inductors Model SRR0735HA and SRR0745HA Series
Bourns New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Shielded Power Inductors Model SRR0735HA and SRR0745HA Series
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