Welcome to the parts list manager (BOM tool)

Faster upload, improved parts matching, enhanced list management

BOM features

  • Real time price and availability for your entire parts list
  • Try it as a Guest user (up to three lists as Guest. Log in or create a web account in to save the lists and create a quote)
  • Match your parts using any of these criteria: Farnell part numbers | Manufacturer part numbers | Product descriptions or keywords
  • Easy and fast file upload
  • Intuitive columns data mapping
  • Enhanced data match results
  • Automated refresh of pricing & stock on saved lists
  • Ability to add extra lines to uploaded and saved lists
  • Ability to proceed to PO/basket for all or selected lines
  • Excel download option, maintaining your original file format

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Step 1

Upload a new list or View saved lists

  • You can upload up to three lists as a Guest user
  • You must be logged in to save your lists or create a Web BOM Quote and secure your prices for 30 days. Log in or create a web account
  • Upload a new list – xls, xlxs or csv, with a maximum of 1000 lines
  • Map your parts list to our BOM tool - assign the column that has your Part Numbers. This will be used to search our product catalogue & match against
  • Access and manage a previously uploaded list. Price and stock are updated real time, every time you open a saved list
Farnell BOM tool step 1

Step 2

View and manage your matched results

  • Filter by matched status to manage your results
  • Add extra parts straight into the uploaded list
  • Your lists are automatically saved
  • Download the matched results, maintaining the original file formatting
  • Add items straight to the basket
  • Click Create Quote to turn your list into an online quote and secure the prices for 30 days. Return to your BOM Quotes in the next 30 days to purchase
Farnell BOM tool step 2Upload your list now

Watch a quick guide

Coming soon

We are continuously improving the BOM Tool based on your feedback. Here are just a few of the features you’ll be able to enjoy soon: share your lists with your colleagues, the ability to paste additional parts straight into the uploaded list, and many more.