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Mastering antenna design
Zigbee vs. Bluetooth
5g antenna and connector design
Radio communications solution
Securing connected devices

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Industry 4.0

Empower the future with cutting-edge power management strategies

Fuelling the future - A journey towards sustainable mobility

The future of power

Empower the future with cutting-edge power management strategies

Industrial smart sensors

Industrial automation

All the power & control

Take control of your power

Tomorrow’s wireless technology today

Smart maintenance

The evolution of predictive maintenance (PdM)

Smart industrial solutions for energy efficiency

Industry 4.0

Edge computing in the industrial environment

Leverage the internet of things to set up a smart factory

Must-have sensors for creating a smart factory


Upgrading to Industry 4.0 using new and existing measurements
Schneider Electric
Aligning sustainability, business strategy and partnerships with Industry 4.0
Integration is the gateway to unlock Industry 4.0
Achieving process automation with design and analytics
Harnessing Industry 4.0 to build a greater future
Red Lion
Using edge intelligence and integrated systems to create an IIoT framework