EMI-debugging with the R&S MXO4 oscilloscope series

The R&S®MXO 4 Series is the first of a new generation of oscilloscopes that excel in both performance and value. The R&S®MXO 4 spectrum function has the familiar interface of a spectrum analyzer making it the ideal solution for EMI debugging. The spectrum measurement setup dialog offers basic spectrum analyzer parameters such as start and stop frequency and resolution bandwidth

Why choose the MXO4 series for your debugging

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Key features:

  • • Bandwidth: 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz (on 4 channels) 1.5 GHz (interleaved on 2 channels)
  • • Channels: 4 analog 16 digital (standard) (with logic probes)
  • • Max. sample rate: 5 Gsample/s (interleaved) 2.5 Gsample/s (all channels)
  • • Memory depth: 400 Mpoints (standard) 800 Mpoints (option)
  • • Vertical resolutions: 12-bit ADC (all settings) 18-bit HD mode
  • • Display: 13.3" Full HD display with capacitive touch
  • • Operating system: Linux (closed)
  • • Warranty: 3 years

Benefits to you?

  • See more of your signals, faster with World’s fastest acquisition rate of over 4.5 million waveforms/s and industry’s lowest trigger rearm time of < 21ns
  • See your signals accurately with 12-bit ADC vertical resolution, 18-bit architecture with HD mode, minimal noise of 104 and ±5 V offset range with 500 µV/div sensitivity
  • Capture more time with standard memory of 400 Mpoints per channel with option for 800 Mpoints.
  • Isolate events with more precision Industry’s most sensitive trigger

Your go-to tool

  • Wide range of analysis functions accelerated by hardware for real-time performance, including math and measurements
  • 16 digital channels activated with R&S®MXO4-B1 probes that can be used simultaneously with all analog channels
  • The R&S®MXO4-B6 option adds a dual-channel 100 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with a wide range of waveshapes
  • Frequency response and impedance analysis are available with the R&S®MXO4-K36 option, making the scope versatile for power analysis

Spectrum analysis

  • Hardware accelerated processing boasts an industry-leading spectrum acquisition rate of 45 000 FFT/s – ideal for capturing spurious and random spectrum events
  • RF and time domain views with independent control allow intuitive setup and remain time-correlated
  • Outstanding RF spectrum performance with peak list and max/min hold traces, making the R&S®MXO 4 perfect for EMI debugging

Serial bus analysis

  • Innovative dual-path protocol analysis ensures protocol packets decode and trigger correctly regardless of sample rate settings for the waveform acquisitions
  • In addition to very high segmented memory depth, the R&S®MXO 4 enables very long time captures of protocol events to help monitor and understand system behavior
  • Search functionality helps find events of f interest in the captured bus activity based on trigger or protocol content

How to order

Choose your oscilloscope model

200 MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope R&S®MXO44 Accessories included: 700 MHz passive probe (10:1) per channel, accessories bag, quick start guide, power cord.

Choose your bandwidth

(software upgradeable)
  • Upgrade of R&S®MXO44 to 350 MHz bandwidth → R&S®MXO4-B243
  • Upgrade of R&S®MXO44 to 500 MHz bandwidth → R&S®MXO4-B245
  • Upgrade of R&S®MXO44 to 1 GHz bandwidth → R&S®MXO4-B2410
  • Upgrade of R&S®MXO44 to 1.5 GHz bandwidth → R&S®MXO4-B2415

Choose your hardware

  • Mixed signal option (MSO) with 16 digital channels R&S®MXO4-B1
  • Arbitrary waveform generator, 100 MHz, 2 channels R&S®MXO4-B6
  • 800 Mpoints memory option R&S®MXO4-B108

Choose your software

  • Low speed serial triggering and decode → R&S®MXO4-K510
  • Automotive serial triggering and decode → R&S®MXO4-K520
  • Aerospace and defense serial triggering and decode → R&S®MXO4-K530
  • Frequency response analysis → R&S®MXO4-K36

Choose your accessories

  • Front cover → R&S®MXO4-Z1
  • Soft bag → R&S®MXO4-Z3
  • Transit case → R&S®MXO4-Z4
  • Rackmount kit → R&S®ZZA-MXO4