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Otočný Přepínač, IP68S, 2 Cest., Neosvětlený, Série R2, 16 A, 20 A


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Série R2
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2 Póly
2 Cest.
Série R2
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The R2 series Rotary Switch used in the heavy equipment, marine, process control and instrumentation markets. It is an excellent replacement for rocker switches, offering improved visual position indication, additional lighting options and different styling opportunities on front panels. The R2 is a sealed, lighted rotary switch which snaps into a 1.475-inch x 0.875-inch industry standard rocker switch panel opening. The rotary knob snaps onto a shaft and can be installed by the panel builder for those desiring that flexibility. It provides up to three positions in all combinations of momentary and maintained action. It is resistive. The R2 offers unique lighting options including up to three independent LED light positions which illuminate a lens on the rotary knob. This design provides more lighting options than traditional rocker switches, handles the full range of electrical loads and is robust enough to survive in the most demanding applications.
  • IP68S Protection rating
  • Termination options include 0.250" Faston or a snap-on modular connector
  • Capable of handling loads from logic level up to 20A
  • Shaft O-ring seal in front and a potted base in the back
  • Unique lighting options - up to 3 independent LED light positions
  • Plastic or soft touch knob options available
  • 2 or 3 positions in all combinations of momentary and maintained action
  • Termination can be used as 0.250" Faston or with snap on modular connector


Spořební Elektronika, Commercial, Automatizace & Řízení Procesů, Průmyslový